On 22.06.2015 in Klub na Pratenici starting at 13 pm, the Fund for Innovation and Technology Development held a presentation of the projects chosen for funding the first call for the instrument co-financed grants for start-ups, spin-off companies and innovation, followed by the official signing of the financing agreements of 16 start-up and spin-off companies. The first call of the Fund for innovation and technology development for the instrument co-financing grants for start-ups, spin-off companies and innovations was opened from February, 2nd.2015 til April, 18th 2015. The instrument was intended to finance start-ups which are up to 6 years, micro, small and medium enterprises registered in the country, with the aim of encouraging innovation among enterprises and implementing innovative solutions. The call resulted in 78 applications of which 34 have passed the pre-selection stage and 16 were selected for funding. 7 of them are in the IT sector, 3 in electronics, 1 in education, 1 in food industry, 1 in the video games industry and 3 in the production of machines. The Fund will contribute with just over 450 000 euros. The Fund wishes the winners great success in their work.